The Facility Of Small

The Facility Of Small

Further, the Court shouldn’t concern itself with the nebulous idea of "partisan hostility," a relatively redundant term that eludes precise definition in a political world of turncoatism. Had the assailed issuance offered exemption to former members of the earlier administration who’ve joined the prevailing political get together, I would not hesitate to declare EO No. 1 void. This defined want for particular information removes the arbitrariness from recognizing the earlier administration as a definite class of its own.

Only the Commission, in its knowledge, is to evaluate what allegations or reviews of graft and corruption to cover for as long as these had been in the course of the previous administration. In the absence of any particular guideline or directive, indicative of its rationale, the conclusion is unavoidable that the EO carries no particular compelling cause to single out officials of the earlier administration; what is important is that the graft be attributed to the previous administration. In other words, the true purpose for the EO’s focus lies elsewhere, not necessarily within the nature or extent of the matters to be investigated. Whether a compelling State interest exists can finest be examined via the prism of the means the government has opted to utilize. If the President desires a very independent Commission, then that Commission must be created through an act of Congress; in any other case, that unbiased Commission might be an unconstitutional body.

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And because the PTC is only an ad hoc committee that’s to be funded from the approved budget of the Office of the President, the Executive Order that created it is not a usurpation of any legislative energy. Assuming arguendo that comparable stories of large-scale graft and corruption existed throughout administrations previous to the final, petitioners do not allege that information relating to these reported activities just isn’t yet obtainable in the Executive Department. On the opposite, respondents disclose that the Presidential Commission on Good Government and the Saguisag Commission have already probed into certain anomalous transactions that occurred in the course of the Marcos and Ramos administrations, respectively. There is much ado concerning the words "Truth Commission" because the name of the fact-finding body created beneath EO 1.

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Petitioners do not espouse the view that nobody must be investigated. What they advocate is that every one administrations must be investigated or, extra precisely, all reports of large-scale graft and corruption through the tenure of previous administrations should be subjected to investigation. Once the report containing the needed information is accomplished, the Truth Commission is dissolved functus officio. At that time, the endeavor of data-gathering is completed, and E.O No. 1 has served its function.

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It is on this light that DOH v. Camposano, et al.44 as cited within the ponencia must be understood. At that point, the PCAGC had no investigatory energy over non-presidential appointees; hence the President created an ad-hoc committee to analyze each the principal respondent who was a presidential appointee and her co-conspirators who had been non-presidential appointees. The PAGC , however, was authorized to investigate both presidential appointees and non-presidential appointees who were in conspiracy with one another. Invoking this authority, the President constituted the PTC to primarily investigate stories of graft and corruption and to suggest the suitable motion. As previously stated, no quasi-judicial powers have been vested in the said body as it can not adjudicate rights of persons who come before it.

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The host of examples and methodologies already available to the government solely show that the concentrate on, and differential treatment of, particular officers for public lesson functions entails a classification unsupported by any special overriding cause. As extensively discussed earlier in this Opinion, truth-telling isn’t an strange task, as the Commission’s stories to the government and the public are already given the imprimatur of truth way earlier than the allegations of graft and corruption are ever confirmed in court docket. This characteristic, by itself, is a unique differential therapy that can’t but be thought of in the utility of the jurisprudential equal safety clause requirements.

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