2001 mercedes-benz c-class

2001 mercedes-benz c-class
2001 mercedes-benz c-class
quality of picking, keratinization, interior space, body design, dynamics
the quality of the materials, the quality of the service, the cost of the fire, the price, the road clearance
Comfort, Reliability, Manageability, Thoughtful ergonomics
Attracts attention because Mercedes
My Mercedes Benz C class (W203) sedan manufactured in 2001 (atmospheric on the mechanics) even now looks very presentable, there is nothing superfluous in its appearance, an ageless classic … In a cozy, homely, interior, too, everything is in its place, everything always at hand, and the cooled box under the front armrest is just fantastic in the summer. And despite the age of the car, it all works and looks like the Mercedes just left Stuttgart outside the factory walls yesterday. Who else from the manufacturers put such delights as a subwoofer and separate climate control, rain and light sensors (with the «walk me home» function) and 6 airbags on their middle-class cars as standard. The road keeps just perfect, with any load and at any speed. In maintenance, if you have an idea not only about where the pedals and gear knob are located, the car is cheaper than other foreign cars. Of course, if the service does not convince you that any service will cost more just because you have a «sight» (three-beam star) on the hood … Mercedes, in fact, is less labor-intensive to maintain than any other cars and the servicemen are just being cunning. The car brought a lot of only positive emotions. If you’re already thinking about whether to take the W203? The answer is YES! It is only important to choose a car after normal operation with the most preserved native parts. And not one of those where the ad states that before the sale «everything new» was installed, everything was changed
consumables and sell «slowly», almost at a loss… An excellent car, there can be no two opinions, everyone knows Mercedes: both grandmothers and children… Suitable for both young boys and / or girls, and older people age. Good luck with your choice.
You need to get used to this car, so to speak, a car with a character, the steering wheel is very sensitive, which makes the car maneuverable, a small turning radius, it is very convenient when parking, the power is sufficient for driving around the city, you can safely overtake most of the cars, the power is especially felt at high speeds, excellent brakes, thanks to the ABS and BAS systems, braking efficiency increases, the automatic transmission changes gears quickly and silently when increasing the system ESP increases the stability of the car during skids. I installed an Italian LPG company AEB on my car. The engine works fine on methane.
at the most extreme positions of the steering wheel, the speed does not pick up when the gear is downshifted, the automatic transmission becomes dull when the conder is operating, the power drops significantly in summer, when the car is under the sun, the monitor does not display information in full force, sometimes the ESP and BAS malfunction is displayed and disappears after a while.
Hello! I bought the car a year ago, before that there was a Mercedes s180 mt in 1994. There is nothing to compare here. Definitely 203 is better The image of the car suits both business people who are successful in business, and young families who love comfort, fast driving, and value safety.
«let the day be damned when I sat down at the steering wheel of this clunker» when everything is OK, not bad at all, acceleration, handling comfort, exterior, interior. The problem in another is that it works when he wants it according to his mood, Mon, Tue, Wednesday Thu, Fri, Sat-day off Sun-unpredictable breakdown. in the service for such cars, they can’t really say anything “maybe it’s for 7000 r, or maybe something else for 45000 r, but this is not a fact only for diagnostics of 1000 r” I’ve been to officials and the answers are also ambiguous only x4 prices. that is, we can change it, but we do not guarantee that after the replacement it will work. These issues are related to electr. abs, srs, lock, at the expense of the latter is a separate story, I got ready to go to St. Petersburg, I drove 350 km, I stopped in Kazan on business for 1.5 hours to the office, I get out, I get into the car, and she won’t go further for me, she doesn’t see the key, the wheels are turned sideways in a stupor I had to leave the box with my foot on the netrail without spinning for two months in the parking lot before returning from a business trip, and they brought a normal electrician to it, I could only put the netrail on the steering wheel and the special remained turned. the tow truck waited from 14 00 to 23 00 on the return of the officers they helped but the real problem was not eliminated. For 3 months it was necessary to turn the key in the ignition 7 times to close the car. once returning home from Kazan at a speed of about 90-120 km, this asshole car went out completely, the reason was the nut pressing the wire to the body of the car, which weakened due to our notorious roads, this auto-shit on Avito was spotted by the wife after that https://cars45et.com/listing/mercedes-benz/c-class/2001
Brand prestige. Comfort. Security. Wearability. Unpretentiousness.
High price on the market, but you have to pay for the pleasure)).
Hello! I am writing a review about a car for the first time. I think it will be useful both for drivers who have mercedes in operation, and for those who are looking for such a car. Before that, there was a mercedes c 200 w 202 1999. There were very good impressions)))). The car was purchased through the trade-in system in a car dealership. After the diagnosis, a large number of shortcomings were found, of course there were other options, but I wanted a black body and mechanics. After weighing the pros and cons decided to take. Mileage was 208t.km on 03/15/2012. After the w202, I didn’t really feel the difference, all the controls were in place, the elegance equipment on the 202 was better, the option of a rain and light sensor was added (the latter is not relevant in our time). I really like the design of the car when the car is clean and polished, you catch the looks of the prohlzhih, it’s very nice to realize this)))) I don’t see any point in drawing analogies with other cars, the taste and color, there are no comrades. Before writing and choosing a car for himself, he read a lot of reviews from other authors, for which he is grateful. Closer to the topic, the car was almost completely repainted, and obscenely, bugs on the arches of the wings in a circle, the bottom of the doors, and on the trunk where the brake light is. Tinted with friends issue price 10t.r. I immediately purchased a damper for the chain tensioner roller 1t.r., an air filter 500r., copper brake pipes 2.5t.r., brake fluid 1.5t.r., bulbs and oil with a filter for the engine 2t.r. The work cost 10t.r. Mileage 215t.km, front shock absorbers