bentley s-type for

bentley s-type for
bentley s-type for
The current lineup includes the new Flying Spur sedan, the new Bentayga SUV and the Continental GT coupe.
Enthusiasts can take a look at our models from the recent past, as well as the legendary and iconic Bentleys of the early years.
Registered Office: Pyms Lane, Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 3PL, England. Registered in England: Number 992897
Boryspilsky district,
vul. Kyivska, 41
Thorough, bezdoganny, with a charismatic character.
A car that gives an unforgettable sleep of emotions and an hour of caring.
A car that gives specialty.
VС–dkryte for yourself a defiantly hoarse sound of water. The valves of the turbochargers with a coiled coil, ruffled in the middle of the V-engine, the new Continental GT V8 has a special sensitivity, caressing the quick speed, which is accompanied by the vinyatkovy sound of the Bentley V8 engine. As a result, the car develops speed up to 100 km/year in 4.0 seconds, and develops a maximum speed of 318 km/year.
Change-over technology, which is featured in the new Continental GT V8 engine, drives efficiency without sacrificing productivity. If the shifting microprocessor of the engine makes it easier to open the throttle valve, it closes the valves on four cylinders, smoothly shifting to all the top ones, if necessary.
The elliptical chotiroh-contoured whistle-pipes pull on the dull sound of the engine, and the 20-inch light-alloy wheels add dynamics to the already hostile silhouette of the legendary coupe. For the design of the interior, unique options for trimming from natural sheets, stitched by hand, are proposed. The special design is complemented by vinyl wood materials. Whether any variant of the veneer can be personalized, by visiting the Mulliner studio, they create exclusive pieces that reinforce your individuality.
With no options for personalization, you can make your new Continental GT V8 unique. There are up to fifteen options for color, and you can choose your own color. There is also an option to buy a number of colors for booking. Choose veneer and wheels that are in harmony with your Continental GT V8, consultants of the Bentley Kyiv dealership will help you.
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