9 Lives (Cat

9 Lives (Cat
9 Lives (Cat
9 Lives (Catanist Books). It is said that those who follow the law, and those who seek the truth, must have God’s mercy on their souls, to be the true prophets for those to whom they are sent. (Ibid., p. 16).

The «Buddhadharma» is said to have given the meaning to the three meanings of «Buddha».

The Bodhisattva Teacher who gives the meaning to Buddha’s Bodhi is the Buddha.

The «Buddha» is taught by Maha Kollik, the same «Buddha» who taught the Three Noble Truths as a disciple of the Buddha.

Maha Kollik is the founder of the Maha Gudankarno or Bodhisattva Order.

Maha Kollik taught the Three Minds which have been described as «mind» of bodhisattvas.

Maha Kollik believes in the truth of the Three Great Truths, and believes in Buddha’s Dharma.

Maha Kollik is the leader of Maha Gudankarno.

Maha Kollik believes in the truth of the four Great Truths.

Maha Kollik teaches, and defends, Bodhisattva practice and works, the Four Noble Truths, the Seven Teaching