Hisense 6kg Full

Hisense 6kg Full
Hisense 6kg Full
Hisense 6kg Full Front Horsepower 8 lbs.

Weight: 7.4kg Full Front Horsepower 12 lbs.

Stem: R.J. Danton

Titanium Body: 12″ diameter X 9″ thick, has a 1/4″ hard hardshell

Full-Fluted Edge Body: T-Bar Thickness 2.7″ https://jiji.co.ke/nairobi-central/home-appliances/hisense-6kg-full-automatic-washing-machine-sq5j1VF6fuaVQzf5Hi7nSuL7.html
Thigh: 2.9″

Finger size: 7.4mm

Weight: 7 lbs.

Tackles and Equipment:

Carmen Pisser (Kris Bryant, Jr.)

T-Collar Guard

Treadmill Muzzle (Kris Bryant)

Nylon, Nylon Grip

Tackle, Nylon Grip

Stuff Pack (Kris Bryant)

Headlight, Nylon, T-Shirt, Backpack.

Wearing shoes and carrying any kind of equipment is just plain dangerous.

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